How do I set up my KODAK Video Monitor CFH-V10 using an Android device?


1. Make sure that you have enough internet bandwidth. Normally, the minimal requirement for upload bandwidth is above 500 kb/s.

Tip: For best results, set up your Video Monitor in the same room as your router (but not next to the router, to avoid interference) - it can always be moved later.  If you have a firewall or other similar security measures, make sure to grant access to your CFH-V10. You may need to contact your internet provider for further instructions on how to do this.

2. Make sure your Android device is has internet connection (Data or Wi-Fi).  

3. You will need the password of your home router. This is a good time to find it.

Set Up:

1. Launch the Google Play store from your Android device. 


2. Click the "Search" icon.

3. Type in iSecurity+. Make sure to type the "+" character to easier find our app in the search results. 


4. Click the "Install" button.


5. Click "Accept" on the following pop-up to continue downloading the app.


6. Once the app is installed, you will find the app on your phone. At this point, do not open the app.

7. Using the supplied power adapter, plug your Video Monitor into an electrical outlet.


8. Once plugged in, flip the switch on the back of the video monitor to the “Setup” position.

The TOP LED light will be green, while the MIDDLE LED light will blink green (this may take up to 2 minutes when the video monitor is first powered on).

9. On your Android device, go to "Settings" and select "Wi-Fi".

10. Connect to your CFH-V10's wireless network, denoted as CFH-V10xxxx (xxxx represents the last 4 digits of your video monitor's MAC ID - found on the back of your video monitor. (It may take up to 30 seconds to connect) Before proceeding, make sure you see the Wi-Fi symbol in the top of your Android device.



You may see a pop-up when you attempt to switch your network.  This is normal.  Press "Connect" to link the CFH-V10XXXX with your Android device: 

If you have successfully connected your Android device, it will show up as "Connected" underneath CFH-V10xxxx.:

11. Launch the iSecurity+ app. When prompted, click “Yes” to setup your video monitor. The Setup Wizard will guide you through the remainder of the setup process.

iSecurity+ Set Up Wizard:

1. Click "Continue" to proceed with the setup wizard.

2. The Camera Preview screen is a test to see that your video monitor streaming video correctly. This is ONLY a preview - your CFH-V10 is not set up yet. Click "Connect camera to internet".

3. Select your home router.

4. Enter the password of your home router.


5. It may take few minutes for your CFH-V10 to connect to your home router and our servers. 

6. If this is your first video monitor, you can create a new account at this time.

If you already have an account and/or are setting up additional video monitors on your existing account, select "Use Existing". You will then be prompted to create a new account.


7. Name your CFH-V10. The Description field is optional. Then click "Continue".


8. Flip the switch on the back of your CFH-V10 to the down "Camera" position. Then click "Continue".

The top LED on the back of your video monitor will turn off. The middle and bottom LEDs will be solid green.



9. You are now ready to login to the iSecurity+ app to use your Kodak Video Monitor CFH-V10. 





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