Why am I unable to connect my camera to my home router during the setup process?

During the setup process, you will have to connect your camera to your home router. You may have trouble connecting to your home router, seeing that the request has timed out. Try these troubleshooting techniques:

1. Close the iSecurity+ app and start the setup process over again. To close the app on an iOS device, double click the home button and swipe the iSecurity+ app up. To close the app on an Android device, click the physical Menu button on your Android device and swipe the iSecurity+ app left. Make sure you are still connected to the camera's SSID and Re-launch the iSecurity+ app.

2. Move your camera closer to your router, preferably in the same room as the router.

3. You may have issues due to a particular WiFi setting on your Android device. Follow these steps to disable this setting: 

A. Go to your phone’s Settings.

B. Go to the Wi-Fi settings.

C. Go to Advanced (or More > Advanced).

D. Follow the below instructions based on your smartphone model:


Disable the "Internet Unavailable" option and press OK.

LG Nexus 4, Motorola Moto X, and Motorola DROID MINI

Disable the "Avoid poor connections" option and press OK.

Samsung Smartphones

Disable "Auto Network" and press OK. 


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