Why does my wireless network not show up when I try to connect to it during setup?

During the setup process, you'll have to connect your camera to your home wireless network. There are circumstances where your home wireless network does not appear on the list of networks, for the following reasons:

No 5GHz Router Support

Our cameras are only compatible with 2.4GHz wireless routers. If you are not seeing your wireless network appear during the setup process, check to see if your router is broadcasting in the 5GHz band. You will need to reference your home router's operating manual to do this.

Hidden Networks

If your home router's SSID (network name) is hidden, then your router will not appear in the WiFi Router list during the setup process. If you know your network's SSID, you can manually type it in during setup. When you reach the Connect to Internet step, click on other. You can now type in the name of your network.


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