How do I subscribe to a premium storage plan?

All KODAK Video Monitors come with free, lifetime 1-Day Cloud Storage of your motion-triggered recordings.

However, if you are getting too many false alarms, you may want to purchase our Smart Detection premium plan. You can learn more about Smart Detection here. Or, if you need more time to review your recordings, you may want to purchase 14-Day Cloud Storage or 30-Day Cloud Storage. Both extended plans come with Smart Detection. You can learn more here.

To subscribe to a premium plan:

1. Make sure your KODAK Video Monitor is online.

2. Login at

3. Click on the Subscriptions tab in the top navigation bar.

3. Select a plan (Smart Detection, 14-Day Cloud Storage with Smart Detection, 30-Day Cloud Storage with Smart Detection).

4. Click Buy to proceed with the checkout process.


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